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Car unlocking


It is terrible to feel like you are in Greensboro when your keys get lost or stolen. The city that never rests is full of people who are always on the move. We have a constant rush to help customers. We can help you with your vehicle's towing, key replacement, or even lost keys. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Why does my car need locksmith services

You may require locksmith services for many reasons. You may have lost or misplaced your ignition keys or fobs, broken keys that are stuck inside your trunk or door, or locked your keys in your car. We have dealt with everything. If you find your key stuck in your ignition, don't panic.


I'm stuck in Greensboro and my key is missing. What should i do?

Turn off your car's engine as soon as possible. If you have an electronic smart key that will turn your car's engine on and off automatically, you can press the ignition button to turn it on. If the smart key doesn't work, place your car in park. Make sure you have an emergency break on. Once we are there, we will evaluate how best to extract your broken key (or door or trunk) from the ignition. Three different methods can be used: a wire and a jigsaw knife, or a key removal tool.

Tow truck


Most of the time, a wire is used only in extreme cases. To add lubrication to broken key fragments, we would spray lock. As the wire is being placed in the lock, a hook could be made. Once the wire stops moving forwards, the hook would be made with the wire until it was pulled out. The key could then be extracted using pliers.

Jigsaw Blade

This is the most commonly used method for unlocking older vehicles. As always, spray the lock to remove the key fragment. The blade would be then inserted into the lock, until it reaches at the end of its chamber. It would then be turned carefully to ensure that the blade does not cause damage and to grab onto the key's tooth. The jigsaw knife would then be pulled towards a locksmith.


The key retrieval process will end and you will be given a brand new set of keys. You can then drive away. One of our team members will take your broken keys and recycle them.

Locksmith Processes

If you've locked your keys inside your car or misplaced them, our 24/7 roadside service is available to help. We are available to help as long your residence is within our service zone, which covers the five boroughs of New York City. We can provide you with a copy if keys are needed by simply identifying the make and type of your car. We will also be in a position to unlock your car, and retrieve your functional pair.