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We offer tire repair and replacement in Manhattan NY as an additional service.

Anywhere, any time you want, you can blow your tire. We provide 24 hour roadside assistance in Manhattan NY. We also offer tire repair and replacement. You can also bring your tire to our shop if you live near it.

After you have fixed or changed your tire, you will need to align it. This service is also offered by us. Ask the mechanic to align your tires.

We are an Authorized Dealer for Good Year Tires and for over a dozen other companies. We can replace your tires if you have an emergency.


You will eventually have to deal with a tire with a sharp rock or nail in it. To determine if your tire is losing air, you should first check its pressure. If the tire pressure is low, remove it and put your spare tire on it. You can also call roadside assistance to have the spare placed on your car.

Why should I change my tire immediately?

There are a few reasons why you need to have a spare on your vehicle right away. It is because if the vehicle is moving, the tire may burst and cause unsafe driving conditions. There is also the possibility of water getting inside your tire's steel belt if there are any moisture issues (rain, snow, or ice). The steel belt may corrode, and the tire might not be able hold it on its own. This would make it more difficult than dealing with a punctured tires. You would need to replace the whole thing (tire, tubes, wheel well).

After your vehicle has been brought to A1 Towing NYC, the mechanic will remove the tire and determine if it can be repaired or replaced. If the puncture is less than one-fifth of an inch from the tire’s tread, a tire can be repaired. The tire can only be repaired once, however, if the damage is within 16 inches of the original damage, the tire must be replaced completely. The tire is more likely to burst if it is damaged too closely to the puncture. A plug, patch or valve stem can be used to repair the tire if it is possible.

What should I do if my tires are not able to be repaired?

If your tire is not repairable, you should consider replacing it. A1 Towing tire specialists will be happy to discuss with you the various types of tires available for cars that have all-wheel drive, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or four-wheel drive. You can also have them discuss snow tires in New York.

These tires can be broken down into five groups: All-Season tires, winter tires, performance tires and truck tires.


If you live in the west coast or want to have the best possible traction for summer in New York City, then summer tires are the best choice. These tires are not designed to be used in heavy rain, as they won't give you the proper traction.


Winter tires are made with a tough rubber compound and have special treads that enable them to grip on snow, ice, and sleet. They can become soft in summer so it is a smart idea to switch to all-season tires after the winter season is over.


If you are subject to extreme weather conditions, all-season tires can be a good option. They are less effective when you drive on the highway in winter, and can reduce the overall performance and speed of your car.


These tires are usually found on sports cars. They come in four varieties: general performance (for racing), high-performance (for racing), ultra-high-performance (for general use), and competition (for racing). Your vehicle will have better traction when you drive fast if it has a higher performance value.


There are five types of truck tires: all-terrain, utility, highway use and performance. The type of truck you have and the activities that your truck can take will determine which type of tire to choose.

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