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Flatbed towing

We are here to help you with your car towing and maintaining it in perfect shape. We only use the best tow truck models. Flat Bed Tow Trucks is our favorite tow truck.

Flat Beds tow trucks are safe and reliable. They also keep your car in excellent condition. Flat Beds Tow Trucks are available in Greensboro, ready and waiting to assist. We are available to assist you, whether you need a boost in your battery or your car's door open.

We are available to you 24 hours a day. 

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Tow trucks

Flatbed towing has become the most popular towing option. This is because your vehicle does not suffer any further damage from the flatbed towing process. It's also because these types are mass-produced at higher rates than wheel lift trucks.

Flat Bed Towing, where is it from?

Flatbed trucks were named after their iconic flatbeds. Flatbed tow trucks may also be known as rollback trucks by some towing firms. Because they are equipped with a hydraulic system that raises the bed at an angle, the vehicle can drive directly onto it and be pulled to its destination. Once the vehicle is securely loaded onto the bed, hydraulics lower the bed back to its original position. Flatbed trucks are among the five most popular types of tow trucks. This is because they cause the minimum amount of damage to vehicles. Because the car is lifted off the ground and is secured to the truck's platform, this is why flatbed trucks are so safe.

What are the main differences in tow trucks?

There are two types of flatbed tow trucks available: flatbed trucks (or lift flatbeds) and they can both be deployed at your location

Flatbed Trucks

The flatbed standard tow trucks operate exactly the same way as the ones mentioned above. This particular tow vehicle's back has a bed that can be tilted vertically and slides back on the ground at an angle. This allows the vehicle under its own weight to be placed on the "flatbed". However, this requires that the car be operational in order for it to be able to move onto the tow truck. This would not be the right type of truck to use if your vehicle is not capable of starting or driving. In this instance, we would use the lift flatbed tow truck. You could also use a winch to lift the vehicle onto the flatbed. A winch can be described as a motorized steel cable that attaches to the car's frame in order to drag it onto flatbeds

Flatbed Tow Trucks

To lift the flatbed truck vertically onto the bed, a wheel lift frame is used (shaped like an open cage without a bottom). This type can be used to tow a car that is not functioning or parked parallel and is not functional. These tow vehicles are not commonly found in America, however, they are common in Europe. Towing options are available for vehicles that are too damaged to be able to be towed on a flatbed. Please click here to view all our towing options. For totaled vehicles, we recommend either a lift tow or a hook & chain tow.